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Do you know what your horse really wants to tell you?

Do you know what you are actually telling your horse?

Are you secretly afraid of your horse?

Do you experience any doubt about your abilities as a rider?

Do you fear there’s something important that you don’t know but you don’t know what that is?

This is a transformational experience for both you and your horse.  Transformationally, you will work on your inner self with personal development processes that will amaze you.  You will work together with your horse to dramatically improve your relationship, even if it’s good already.

Prepare to be blown away and have the experience you’ve always wanted with your horse.

The Program

What you will get with this program

In this 6-months Distance Learning Program you will learn how to…

  • Understand your horse better,
  • Be like a “horse whisperer” to your horse
  • Let go of any fear you have whether riding or on the ground
  • Develop a truly balanced seat and know what that means to your horse
  • Be a better person for your horse